Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nearing another new year - 2010

First of all Happy New Year wishes to all my near and dear ones and to all who are reading this. Many a new years have come and gone by in my memories, especially two of them I remember a lot. The reasons being simple, we had some sort of celebrations.

The first one was when I was in South Africa. I had the company of my colleagues on that day in a not-so-distant year from now. That was my first new year outside of my home-country. Had lot of food, played cards, and thus ended our new year celebrations.

The second one was when I was staying with my friends in Koramangala, Bangalore. That was an awesome time I had spent. All my friends were boozing and I was there drinking fruit drinks to give them a company. The times spent cannot be forgotten.

Here comes another new year, 2010. It comes with lot of hopes in me, especially with myself not single now. I am dreaming together with my wife for having a moderate but happy life. May God bless us in this new life.

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 ***

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do not encourage begging

Begging is an unfortunate "job" that many in the world do, forcefully and reluctantly. But once started with this "job" no one thinks to return to normalcy thanks to "kind" hearts. I just took this below picture today morning when travelling to office. A small girl was begging for alms and there were people who responded to that.

Well, I am not complaining those who are "kind" hearts. But I just wanted to raise an awareness to those "kind" hearts that they are making no difference to them but to encourage more begging.

It is well known that if you feed a person, the next day you may need to feed him once more. But if you teach him some skills which helps him/her in leading an independent life that makes a difference.

Show up your kind heart more openly and change their lives forever.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feeling sick today

I do not know the reason for todays sickness, but there could be more than one reasons. First and foremost, I am worried about my grandfathers health condition. He is hospitalized for some days now, and there is no real improvement in his health. He is more than a grandfather, like a father or even more which I cannot express. Its an unusual bonding between me and him that exists. I am under severe stress thinking about his health. I cannot even live without thinking of him every day. I love him the most. May the god pour him good health to live many more years with us.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy birthday dear

This e-card is only for my dear. Others do not seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I want you in my arms,
in my dreams,
in reality and in fantasy.


Friday, December 4, 2009

I am married

The D-Day is far over. My single status has changed, but nothing in me has changed. I even rarely feel that I am married.

It is too early to say what are the benefits of this marriage. But the immediate benefit is that I am almost near to my dear. I love to be with her. I like to talk to her, to crack jokes to her, to listen all that she has to say, and much much more.

We are having a pleasant journey so far. All thanks to our well-wishers and friends and relatives, together we are dreaming for a good tomorrow.

THANKS to all...!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am excited

The dates for my wedding is nearing. Its just 4 days away. I am no more single, 4 days from today. My reaction: well I'm so excited.

I have so many things to speak about my fiancee. But at this point, there is not much to share with you all. With shortage of time, with I being in office I am not able to write more now. I feel somehow that the leave I have applied for is very less compared to the travel and appointments post-marriage. But I took the decision and I have to live with it.

I sternly believe that Anju and Myself will make be the best of the couples. Though we do not have an understanding above a logical point, I have some strong reasons to believe so. She is very smart, understanding, lovable, adoring, caring, and still soft and gentle. I like her character and the beleifs that she has been living with. She perfectly complements me in more ways. I hope I will be able to complement her in her life too.

At this moment, I am not thinking too much; which either causes butterflies in stomach :D or some other strange feeling inside that causes adrenaline rush. When the D-Day inches further, I am particularly not thinking too much to avoid such adrenaline rushes. :)

Wish me best wishes and luck, O world for a happy married life. Also feel free to visit my wedding blog:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

english V kannada

Yesterday I was travelling in the BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation), to home. I was browsing lazily in my mobile phone and a fellow passenger asked me about the mobile phone make and model. I lazily answered to it. He began asking questions about my profession, where I was working, what kind of technology I am onto etc. I was not at all interested in answering him, but formally answered to them all. He then asked me where I am from, and then he began to say that he loves my place and would surely visit the place sometime in his life. I was just smiling to his answers.

All our conversations was in English, and after some routine questions the flow broke. He might have understood that I was not interested in answering his questions. Then this happened. Another co-passenger in the seat before me started to speak in his native language Kannada. He was speaking to the person sitting next to him. I could understand what he was speaking about. He was frustrated and was telling that in Bangalore every other person speaks in English, the language of foreigners and not Kannada. He seems to be frustrated with the fact that there are lot of non-Kannadigas working in Bangalore. He simply won't blabbering about the issue till he got down from the bus.

Then my think-tank opened. Is a language meant to be a tool for communication alone? Well with people whom I have mingled to this date, its not that. Every one speaks proudly about his native language, and if gets an opportunity ditches the other person's language. But WHY?

Those who speaks about India's caste system divides people; and those who have crapped it will be also in the talks for this language debate. They might also forget the fact that language is just a tool for communication.

For me personally, I love all languages. I try to learn as many languages as I can. But most of the times my intellect is not so sharp I end up not learning any languages. But I am proud of the fact that I know at least 4 languages. I am also trying to learn most of the language in the part of the world I am in. I also try to speak in the language. Its only matter of more and more interactions that I may be missing to learn the language.

I am reminded by my memory about the anti-Hindi agitation that had happened some couple of decades back in Tamil Nadu, India. Everyone were agitating against the "national language of India" and they just want to dump Hindi being a national language in Tamil Nadu. They are total fanatics of the language, and they won't even learn Hindi. I don't complain their love for their language. It is much needed for a language to survive. But why should one hate others language.

Let the language debate grow on you, and post some comments so that there is a healthy discussion on hand.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the expectation

the life starts when sun is working hard,
first thing for me is expect a call,
but the phone won't ring.

the speed of life catches up; I get ready for office,
by the time always i expect a call,
but the phone won't ring.

the food when glides through the throat,
the next thing i expect is a call,
but the phone won't ring.

the shirt that hangs on me reminds me,
to keep the mobile; and expect a call,
but the phone won't ring.

tired of expectation, i sent out a message,
and continue to walk for the bus,
and again expect a call,
but the phone won't ring.

bored out of simply sitting in the bus,
i'll take out the phone couple of times to check,
but again the phone won't ring.

entering the office the phone enters the vibration,
and i keep it next to me always, in expectation;
but the phone won't ring.

reach back to home; first thing to do
give food for the phone and
keep always your senses open for the call,
but again the phone won't ring.

tired of expectation, i take out the phone
and give a ring.
time stretches out and there i get a ring;
the ring i have been waiting for.

what a time that has been...
waiting for that hour day long...
expecting the phone to ring...
and there is the ring from my dear...

always with love to my dear...
the phone sitting next to me reminds...
that im expecting a call.....
but as usual... the phone won't ring.

the search

when the eyelashes open,
the search begins.

when the senses start to unwind,
the search continues.

when the brush meets the teeth,
the search intensifies.

when hunger comes search of me,
the search starts to breath.

when duty calls me,
the search hibernates for some time.

when im tired of work,
the search reaches its peak.

when im alone,
the search brings on tears.

when im talking with you,
the search pauses for some time.

the search continues,
the search never ends,
the search for finding you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tata nano-on road but disappointed look for me

I saw the TATA NANO car on road in Palakkad day before yesterday. And the look sucks. Till now I have seen it from inside the vicinity of a show room and only the front side. The rear side view really is too elevated to give the car a cheap look compared to that of a diesel auto. Its just another cheap designed cheap car. The choice of colour of the customer who drove that car also sucks. It was a cyan coloured nano. Unfortunately I do not have a photo to share as I was driving past the vehicle and was not in a position to take pictures. But even if I had the chance to click the pictures I would have refrained from taking it. Wish TATA good luck though.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello world

It has been for ages a practice amongst computer programmers to start any program with the message in the title. "Hello World". Being myself a computer programmer I also do not wish to change the practice.
Though technically speaking this has not been my first blog, I have been a blog owner for years now. In fact it has become very tedious for me to manage all the blogs I own. But again all those blogs has not been fully my writings. I completely dedicate this blog for that purpose. Wish me luck world.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Learn time management

The saturated mind, or what writers call a creative block is of no use to anyone as it causes deep frustration and helplessnes. If this block continues it will even ruin ones career as a writer. I though not pursuing a role of a writer am feeling the same glitch that comes with a creative block. I am going to beat this heat by continued efforts to write something until I am back.

As a precursor to this post I have convinced myself that what I write is not important. I am writing this article boarded in a bus, so that I cannot complain about lack of time.

Time is precious. Okay you have heard this enough. How much precious you have felt with time. I am not a privileged person to be allowed a fraction of second more than any other person in my sight, nor is any one in this planet. That means even US president Barrack Obama, or a Tom Cruise, or a David Beckham all shares the same amount of time a day that I does.

Coming back to know the importance of time, tell me who has not hurried to office if late? Hardly any, right. This tells not only about reaching office on time but your personal life can also go haywire. For example ask a lover who was forcefully broken out of the relationship just because of not managing time. All sorts of things happen out of this rush to follow time. This is where a secret ingredient of life comes into picture. If you want to lead a successful enviable life and lifestyle, first learn to manage time.

There is no sure shot method of beating the time menace, there are some guidelines. First thing to do is to plan your day before it starts unfolding. You cannot control how your day should be, but you can train yourself to be using most optimistically the time available. Do not worry if you are unable to meet your plans initially. It actually should fail, otherwise you are managing your time already either knowingly or unknowingly. If you are failing then the second step is to analyze what went wrong in the day at the end of the day. This is the most important practise one has to make a routine of. The other best practises for managing time will unfold automatically before you. Best of luck.

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