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Notes from Book "The Scientific Dating of the Ramayana and the Vedas"

The solar year consists of 365.25 63773 days while the Lunar year consists of 354.367 days. So 10.889 days are deficient. Therefore the seasons slide back on Lunar months. This discrepancy is corrected by taking one Adhimasa in every third year.

This method corrected the discrepancy for a few centuries but when the Sun precesses, the seasons get totally changed as far as the Lunar months are concerned.

Thus Chaitra Masa was consistant with Madhu Masa about a thousand years ago as told by Sayana in his commentary on Taittiriya Samhita but at present Chaitra Masa does not coincide with Madhu Masa. Now-a-days Phalguna Lunar Masa coincides with Madhu Masa.
Valmiki writes that Ravana had imprisoned Seeta just like Mars imprisons Rohini. This simile is very appropriate because the constellation of Rohini (Aldebaran) is V-shaped and it appears like a gate. If Mars comes between the two limbs of V, it appears that Marks is standing like a guard at the gate. This must have been the position of Mars and Rohini while Ramayana was written. Astronomical calculations show that this might have happened between 6000-8000 years B.C, and never after that time till today.
Valmiki writes that irate Ravana rushed towards Seeta just like Mars rushed towards Rohini. It is possible that in those ancient days around 9000 years ago, such a phenomenon was visible in the sky. Mars being a planet moves fast and if observed daily its movement towards Rohini can be seen easily. As Valmiki has used this simile, he must have seen this movement.
When Maruti first saw Seeta in Lanka, Valmiki states that poor Seeta appeared just like Rohini harassed by Mars.
Graha laghava and Brhat Samhita state that if Rohini gets bisected by Saturn or Mars it indicates the end of a Yuga. Saturn had bisected Rohini at 5294 years B.C or before that for many centuries (Last S.B.Dixit - History of Indian Astronomy)

At that time there was end of Dwapara Yuga. Prior to this was Treta Yuga which ended with bisection of Rohini by Mars. Dwapara Yuga is of 2400 years. So division of Rohini by Mars must have taken place 5294+2400=7694 years B.C. This might be the year of Rama-Ravana war and/or writing of Ramayana.
Unlike foreign cultures who assign dynasty of kings to sons, in India we used to add the name to the dynasty only if a person ascends to the throne. For example, Sagars the 40th king in Iksvaku dynasty did not give his throne to his son Asamanja but coronated his grand son Ansumana.
Janaka Dynasty - According to puranas Nimi was the first king and Krti the 59th king of Janaka Dynasty. Krti lived during Yajnavalkya who wrote Satapatha Brahmana. "Krittikas do not deflect from the east" is a statement in Satapatha by which late Mr.S.B.Dixit has proved its period to be 3000 years B.C. So Krti was at 3000 B.C. Seeradhvaja the father of Seeta, is the 10th while Krti is 59th in the list.
Evolution: Valmiki states in Sundara Kanda (35) that Rama had four Molar teeth in each jaw. Dental science accepts that due to evolution the jaws of human beings are becoming smaller and the number is reducing from three to two. So the evidence suggests that Rama would have existed 10000 years ago?

Pages : 32-53


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