Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dialogue with His Holiness Mannargudi Sri Chendalankara Sampath Kumara Jeeyar - My Notes

Read this article today from hindupost.in. There are profound insights one can learn from this dialogue. I am summarizing first what the dialogue is about.

The Jeeyar is in charge of Mannarkudi Sri Vaishnava Madam. This interview by Hindupost Staff was done while the Jeeyar was in Chennai to flag off the Yatra of ceremonial umbrellas from Chennai to Tirumala Tirupathi (From Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple, Sowcarpet, Chennai)

Question 1: History of Mannargudi Jeer Peedam
Ans by Jeer: The Matham was established by Manavala Mamunigal, one of the Acharyas after Ramanuja. Thus the Matham is 600 years old. Even today there are places Mannargudi called Jeeyar Thoppu, the term which refers to a special theertham reserved for Jeer at Mannargudi temple.

Question 2: The seat was left vacant, due to?
Ans: For the last 120 years or so, due to mismanagement and local politics lot of kainkaryam were discontinued.

Question 3: What is the role of Jeeyar?
Ans: A sanyasi even though he leaves behind everything, does not mean he stops performing anushtanas. Only thing he has to stick to rules of "bhojya-abhojya". A sanyasis primary job is to teach Dharma, and is more important to send householder to temple than he himself visiting the temple.

A trivial example is also quoted:

Once a householder had a pet cat that would drink up the milk kept for naivedyam. Hence he got into the habit of tying up the cat whenever puja had to be performed. After 2 generations, things had got to such a state that the householder's grandson would search for a cat to tie up every time they performed the puja at home! Such is the application of achara and niyama (blindly) now.

Question 4: How do you view conversion of Dalits?
Ans: I object to use of word Dalit. I maintain the word "Tirukulathor" coined by Sri Ramanujar or "Harijan" word coined by Mahatma Gandhi (which is translated from Tirukulathor). There is no Dalit, whoever has Sriman Narayana in his heart is worthy of all respect.

Conversion by force is completely wrong. There are 3 ways to deal with this:

1. Talk to individual person and explain his/her decision is a mistake, but this is temporary.
2. Providing financial and emotional support to vulnerable people is another effective solution, but it takes time.
3. Closing the source for funding conversions is another medicine which can take longer to cure the disease.

We must remember the saying "danDam dashaguNam bhavet"

Question 5: Is there any shastraic procedure to bring people back to Hinduism?
Ans: A persons affirmation of faith in Hinduism is enough. If required we can perform a Homa/Puja for their emotional satisfaction. Remember that our Dharma Shastra is called "Manava Dharma Shastra", that is, it applies to all human beings.

Question 6: What are your thoughts on Gau-samrakshan?
Ans: In Tamil I say "Nattu mattai kaattu, naattai kaapom". Save the indigenous cows, save the nation. The native gau is Kamadhenu, since it gives all "Ayuh, Arogya, Aishwaryam". The cows backside is worshipped (As Lakshmi) as its the source of milk, dung and urine.

Gau mutra is widely known for Ayurvedic medicine with curative effect, research is being conducted to validate claims that it can cure cancer. A single cow gives enough fertilizer for several acres of land. We have noticed people living near to cow sheds, are getting relief from asthma and skin allergies.

All of what i say above is only for Bos indicus breeds. 

Question 7: How to preserve native breeds?
Ans: Every rural family should get an own native cow, and urban people use the products of the cow. There should be a common place for collecting produce, and its important for people to buy from goshalas. 

Question 8: What is your view about Varnashrama?
Ans: Anushtanams are there for "deha-shudhi, atma-shudhi and adhikara to perform kainkarya". Thus it were not made for a varnam but for tasks. Being an archaka does not mean you have to go to temple and perform a puja yourself. Saying the names of Lord in your home is archana itself. At the end of day, karma is what determines varna.

Question 9: What is your advice for middle class householders?
Ans: When you take food to cook at home, pretend you are cooking for one more person. Keep aside that much grain, dal. At the end of the month, you can actually feed 30 people! Take the accumulated grain and cook extra food and distribute it regularly.

Buy books for 1 underprivileged kid in your nearby school. If 50 of you can join hands, you can sponsor books for 1 class. Buy pen, refills etc. This will take a small burden off some poor people you know.

Do simple things without expecting somebody to come and organize for you.

I chose to record these notes, because of the profound implications on me. I have even highlighted what is most important learning for me. Hope to translate some of them into action within due course of time.

Also need to know more about the Jeeyar himself, as there are hardly any resources/websites on internet.

The notes here inscribed are for my personal learning only, and not intended to infringe the copyright of the article published in hindupost. Thanks for understanding. 


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