Saturday, June 6, 2009

Learn time management

The saturated mind, or what writers call a creative block is of no use to anyone as it causes deep frustration and helplessnes. If this block continues it will even ruin ones career as a writer. I though not pursuing a role of a writer am feeling the same glitch that comes with a creative block. I am going to beat this heat by continued efforts to write something until I am back.

As a precursor to this post I have convinced myself that what I write is not important. I am writing this article boarded in a bus, so that I cannot complain about lack of time.

Time is precious. Okay you have heard this enough. How much precious you have felt with time. I am not a privileged person to be allowed a fraction of second more than any other person in my sight, nor is any one in this planet. That means even US president Barrack Obama, or a Tom Cruise, or a David Beckham all shares the same amount of time a day that I does.

Coming back to know the importance of time, tell me who has not hurried to office if late? Hardly any, right. This tells not only about reaching office on time but your personal life can also go haywire. For example ask a lover who was forcefully broken out of the relationship just because of not managing time. All sorts of things happen out of this rush to follow time. This is where a secret ingredient of life comes into picture. If you want to lead a successful enviable life and lifestyle, first learn to manage time.

There is no sure shot method of beating the time menace, there are some guidelines. First thing to do is to plan your day before it starts unfolding. You cannot control how your day should be, but you can train yourself to be using most optimistically the time available. Do not worry if you are unable to meet your plans initially. It actually should fail, otherwise you are managing your time already either knowingly or unknowingly. If you are failing then the second step is to analyze what went wrong in the day at the end of the day. This is the most important practise one has to make a routine of. The other best practises for managing time will unfold automatically before you. Best of luck.

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