Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What is Heaven or Hell?

Most of the religions which exist today believes in a concept of Heaven or Hell. Some believe that if we live a life of goodness, then we will go to Heaven or else to Hell. Some one else believes if we do what is prescribed in holy texts we go to Heaven.

But what is the Heaven or Hell in reality? Is there some place outside this earth where we will travel once dead? Stories intended to fantasize believes so. Even if anybody believes this way, they are guided by immature thoughts of childhood or they have not seriously thought about it. After all all religions have come to existence to make our lives more meaningful which science could not always answer.

Based on Upanishads and some reasoning I am writing this. I may err in my reasoning but I believe that Upanishads can't err just because it is time tested approach to illuminate oneself. The role of Upanishads has been to spread thought to everybody who have not thought otherwise. For instance the Katha Upanishad (Pronounced Katoupanishad) talks about a boy talking to death god (Yama) and understanding what the fuzz is all about. Every Upanishad talks about certain aspects of life.


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