Thursday, January 31, 2013

A weak travel

Week of travel, weaker me
Peek of faith, stronger me
Lack of hope, worried me
Nothing can be done, its all God's grace.

I had just written about lack of reliability of Railway network in India. I experienced it first hand last Saturday. The train which was supposed to arrive at 6:30 AM was delayed and delayed as I waited patiently.

The reason was also unknown, so it added towards all round frustration. People old, young and children were all waiting for different trains and none of them arrived. The source station was a shout away but besides the trains did not arrive.

Then there came rumours about train being derailed. (What how can this happen as its always packed). Just when this rumour was floating around, Shatabdi train (which was scheduled to arrive at 6AM) was cancelled around 7.30AM. This was the first train I witnessed cancelled.

It was 8AM, and there is no hope or information available. This is where Indian Railways has managed to remain in the 10th century. In this age of information, how can you keep shutting doors to people who travel in their vehicles? Well, thats "Indian" way.

I do not think that this "Indian" way cannot be changed. Its all within the minds of the people, why blame the country.

But due to this incident, I was witness to people cursing, joking about the "Indian" attitude (which they also carry with them).

Then at 9AM an announcement started to hiss around. The sweet voice of a lady started to come from the speakers with a heavy accent. "Due to technical problem all trains from Bangalore are late. The time will be announced later". To heck with the language, to heck with the situation, people started cursing more.

People now started to realize that they are living the "Indian" dream. At last at 9.40AM the Lalbagh Express (scheduled to leave around 6.30AM). Also it was announced at the time that all commuters waiting for other Passenger trains can entrain this train and it will stop in all stations till Bangarpet.

No one would have cursed for such an announcement, sighting the arrival of the train even though so late.

At last the moment of truth came for me when the Intercity Express towards Ernakulam arrived at 10.30AM (4 hours late).

But I must admit the work carried over by the employees to clear the situation well within 4 hours. Read the news of derailment here. Also thanks to God for not allowing me to reach home in daylight.


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