Monday, March 11, 2013

A common misconception about India

What we know now, has been passed on by our parents. It is always with proud that we think of our parents. They teach us, train us, support us in all ways they can.

Well having said that why do we not recognize our forefathers who are the starting of the chain we are in.

I should suggest its because we are too much comfortable in unlearning what our parents teach us. Its in our genes. Unlike our belief that we are conservative, we are the most open societies in the world. The only thing which is wrong is we do not recognize it.

The Britishers did not like our skin, ignored our culture, permanently whitewashed our pride, misplaced our hereditary teachings, and left us in the dark world. They also believed there is nothing to learn from our race. This is where they have succeeded, in conquering us, our minds.

They also left their education system which is by far the most complex ones a human can understand. It has evolved from various languages over centuries and has no human form attached to it. If you don't believe me, just sit with a child who is learning the language. You will re-discover what the language English is about.

Its such a shame to me that I am also malnourished with philosophical thoughts or my motherland and I am communicating in the very own language which I mentioned the statement before. Alas, no one is perfect, so am I.

I am in a journey to self-discover what gems we might have lost in transition. A journey in which I don't know where to start neither do I know where I am headed, let alone to identify where to end. To make things easier I am keeping all my senses open towards our history, not the history we learned in our schools; but what has been passed through generations.

In India, there used to be a system where the Guru teaches everything to a student. There was no discrimination between various subjects we know now such as Social Science, Biology, Geography etc. Here everyone was equal, and hence there was no need for creating "High Intellectuals" through "Energy drinks" or "High Fibre Diet". Everything included character formation, taming the wild mind and igniting it with fire of knowledge, shouldering it with responsibility of shaping the future. There was always a room for expansion.

I was pondering over an article about the great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam which says a formula written by him has been unlocked a century later. Thanks to +Krishnamurthi CG for providing the article. While reading about this article I pondered about the mathematical genius Madhava, who is believed to be the first person who approximated on value of Pi. What did our textbooks tell all this time?

This is not just a problem with the British who left their language legacy behind. It is also in our minds they had sown seeds of English/European supremacy which we all started to breathe, and live in. Years later we have totally forgotten our past.

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