Friday, November 29, 2013

Religious faith for rescue

Religion is not what you are born in. It is what you experience. Religious texts only help you in attaining this experience. Religion is always personal, like it was followed centuries before in India.

Only with the advent of foreign nationals who had their own faith, which they used as a socially binding factor this idea has changed in India.

In an age when religious preaching has become a norm, a rethinking is necessary. Just one question is enough for this rethinking.

Am I following this religion for boasting in public, or to know myself?

If you answer this question with utmost truth, I am certain that the differences between various faiths will cease to exist. After all religion is a tool of carrying faith, and not hatred.

Hindus are common to this knowledge and that is the only reason why Muslims, Christians and other religions were welcomed to stay here. In Hinduism Atman is the personal deity which needs to be known first. Unlike other religions which do not tolerate others faiths, India was always different. It not only welcomed the other faiths, but also fostered and environment where they could grow even better freely.

Until recent times this was the case. But In India also the ideas of religion has seemed to change maybe due to the everyday interface between other faiths. This has led to people of one faith killing other, and making them an enemy for life.

Maybe this is good time for people in every faith to remain silent and think, what is faith and religion. If and only if it leads to a personal affair, humanity can be saved. Otherwise we will be loitering like we are today. It is a time of regeneration for us, and we should not miss this opportunity.


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