Thursday, December 26, 2013

Screwing up BESCOM way

Till some months back I had peace of mind paying BESCOM (Electricity Bills) because I had added BESCOM as a biller in my bank account. However when BESCOM upgraded its billing system, (provided by Infosys) it took time for me to realize that the basic ingredient of a bill is missing.

Do you want to know what it was? Of course the bill number.

I wonder what the guys in Infosys/BESCOM are doing by printing account id instead of bill number. For the first month, my payment went through bank. Next month onwards I got an error saying duplicate bill number. That is when my focus towards bill number came and later this realization.

BESCOM's attitude: Who cares about people anymore, after all they will pay by whatever means. I will get money, why should I enable the people.

The end result, I had to search on Bangalore One centres and pay only through that. A wastage of time, money and fuel.

BESCOM and Infosys ki jai ho.


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