Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bhagavad Gita and Action

I have heard from lot of people that through Bhagavad Gita God endorses "Fight" and some others mention "Inactivity". Let me try to understand why people say like this.

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna calls upon Arjuna for fighting his relatives. As a normal human being we are like Arjuna. We cannot fight our relatives (near and dear ones). After all why should one fight to kill such people whom you love. Our thoughts revolve around this "sentiments" because our point-of-view is very limited. We are wearing biased glasses. Whatever we see we are biased. Consider an example if Arjuna was fighting some unknown enemies, he would not have hesitated.
But from the point-of-view of Absoluteness/God everyone is a relative to each other. Every one is just an Atman/Soul. All of humanity and other life forms are related in one way or the other. If we see through this clear glasses, our biases seize to exist.

Duryodhana was a tool of evil. His thoughts were always revolving around to destroy Pandavas, even though they are his relatives. Thus the war of Mahabharata is not a war involving two families. It is a war between Good and Evil. In such a situation "Sentiments" do not hold value. This explanation is for the reasoning mind.

For the non-reasoning mind, consider the following passage from Bhagavad Gita:
Krishna said, "So long as you refuse to fight, you have the sense of doership. Who are you to refrain or to act? Give up the notion of doership. Until that sense disappears you are bound to act. You are being manipulated by a Higher Power. You are admitting it by your own refusal to submit to it. Instead recognise the Power and submit as a tool. (Or to put it differently), if you refuse you will be forcibly drawn into it. Instead of being an unwilling worker, be a willing one.
As long as we think as individuals our thoughts decide Good/Evil. But there is nothing like Good/Evil. For example consider Dhritharashtra. For him, what Pandavas have committed is bad/evil. If we talk good/evil, it is from point-of-view of a person/group of people. Instead there is only one thing namely truth/god. The one which is born must die, so does good/evil. But truth alone remains all long.

We must remain utilities of God. Like the CD Player which plays a CD continuously without any involvment, we must remain in God. Our actions will not be ours, it will be his.

If the people who still believe that Bhagavad Gita preaches Fight/Inactivity, my humble request to them will be "Please read Bhagavad Gita as though you have written it".


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