Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Discovering our true identity

Who am I?

The most famous question which made Swami Vivekananda start searching his guru, the phrase recommended by Sri Ramana Maharshi as the only mantra which will lead to self-realisation is the most powerful one can ask himself.

What is our identity? Its not definitely our body, says those who have experienced this great powerful self. If we are not to be identified as this body, then what else?

It is our self. It resides in our heart (not the physical heart) but the more powerful one on the right side of our chest. It could be anything in the body, but it shape or size does not matter to those who are searching for it.

After all it helps in permanent peace. It is the only God or love the Sanyasis or seers have in this world. This is also referred to as krishna bakthi in Bhagavatham and other scriptures.

Our Upanishads and Vedas does not prescribe any method for self-realisation to women. This is because traditionally women are considered to be love pots. Only they can love their families without expecting anything in return. This is difficult for men to understand and digest. Krishna bhakti is nothing more than what our women do everyday. It is thus very easy for them to be enlightened. But it is also a factor that prevents them from attaining this enlightenment.


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