Friday, November 1, 2013

Why pray/meditate daily?

I am not sure whether you pray daily. If you do, then you know the path to our self-realisation. If you do not, you are turning your back towards our end goal in this life.

What is Self-Realisation?
The basic premise of self-realization is that there exists an authentic Self (or 'soul') which has to be discovered by psychological or spiritual self-striving.

Do you identify self realisation as your end goal?
If you have started to identify the end goal is nothing but self realisation, then your karmas have started to work for you. This might be the end life, where you are identifying the end goal.

We all are born with a fire to attain self realisation. Consider the following discussion in the book "Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi"

Someone enquired to Ramana Maharshi: Why is it said in scriptures that the sage is like a child?
This was Maharshi's answer: A child and a sage are similar in a way. Incidents interest a child only so long as they last. It ceases to think of them after they have passed away. So then, it is apparent that they do not leave any impression on the child and it is not affected by them mentally. So it is with a sage.

Our meditation/prayer should be intended towards attaining what the child is doing. By repeating chants/mantras for deities do we achieve this? No.

Not in one day.

What shall we do then? But we should not stop there, if we are not getting this "result". The chants/mantras we recite daily will help us getting concentration. It is the same way we used to go to school. Do we learn whatever the teachers taught. I doubt. Instead if we continue our entire education we are awarded with degrees/marks. We will get this only we "learned" further from the teachings.

It is the same way the prayers are going to help. We should continue igniting our fire within, and give spiritual food to our soul.

Hope I could justify in an easy manner what is the need for a prayer daily. Please start yours if you are not doing now.


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