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Notes from Book "The Scientific Dating of the Ramayana and the Vedas"

By Astronomical calculations the exact Birth date of Rama as 4th December 7323 years B.C. I also proved that Rama was to be coronated on 29th November 7306 B.C, but unfortunately he had to depart to the forest on the same day. I had proved that it was Thursday as is said by Seetha and recorded by Valmiki in his famous Ramayana. I have proved that he had completed 17 years of age then. All these points are fully considered in my next article titled as 'The Exact Birth Date of Rama - 4th December 7323 B.C'

--Seethas Stay in Ramas house after marriage
Seetha was in Ramas house for 'Dwadasa Masa'. Aparently it is taken as twelve months but that is a mistake. If Seetha lived in Rama's house for 12 months and left house in Chaitra, she should have been married in Chaitra. But we have seen that she married in Bhadrapada on Shudha Tritiya Day. So we have to fix the exact period of her stay in Rama's house after wedding.

Date of exile of Seetha in forest is fixed as 29th November 7306 B.C. One year was definitely completed. So the date of wedding must be prior to 29th November 7307 B.C, in Bhadrapada. Let us go systematically on Astronomical basis.

19th Nov 7306 B.C, was Phalguna Amavasya which took place at 345 degree. Every year the Amavasya comes 10.883 days earlier and 10.883 degrees earlier. Hence on 29th Nov 7307 B.C, there was Phalguna Amavasya on 355 degrees. From this point if we plot backwards we find that 4th April 7307 B.C was Amavasya. This Amavasya took place at 119 degree or in Aslesa Nakshatra. Hence 4th April 7307 B.C was Sravana Amavasya with Aslesha Naksatra.

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