Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am excited

The dates for my wedding is nearing. Its just 4 days away. I am no more single, 4 days from today. My reaction: well I'm so excited.

I have so many things to speak about my fiancee. But at this point, there is not much to share with you all. With shortage of time, with I being in office I am not able to write more now. I feel somehow that the leave I have applied for is very less compared to the travel and appointments post-marriage. But I took the decision and I have to live with it.

I sternly believe that Anju and Myself will make be the best of the couples. Though we do not have an understanding above a logical point, I have some strong reasons to believe so. She is very smart, understanding, lovable, adoring, caring, and still soft and gentle. I like her character and the beleifs that she has been living with. She perfectly complements me in more ways. I hope I will be able to complement her in her life too.

At this moment, I am not thinking too much; which either causes butterflies in stomach :D or some other strange feeling inside that causes adrenaline rush. When the D-Day inches further, I am particularly not thinking too much to avoid such adrenaline rushes. :)

Wish me best wishes and luck, O world for a happy married life. Also feel free to visit my wedding blog:


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