Friday, November 23, 2012

Opening mobi files in kindle app on android device

This is a FAQ which will help me a lot. I use the free Internet Archive to download books of my choice. I have an android device which is mostly offline as I don't have a wifi connection to boost up my device.

I was confused initially as to how to open .mobi files in android as if i tapped it will bring up a menu which clearly states that android is unable to understand the type of file.

After some googling, I was able to identify the procedure to do it.

This tip will work only if you have installed kindle app in your SD Card.

Step 1: Connect your android device to USB of your computer.
Step 2: Enable USB storage in the menu android brings up when you are connecting to your computer.
Step 3: In you SD Card navigate to a folder with kindle name on it.
Step 4: Just copy the .mobi files you want to read with kindle
Step 5: Eject SD Card and Turn off USB storage from android.

Now open kindle app in android and enjoy reading the files you have just downloaded.


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