Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do not encourage begging

Begging is an unfortunate "job" that many in the world do, forcefully and reluctantly. But once started with this "job" no one thinks to return to normalcy thanks to "kind" hearts. I just took this below picture today morning when travelling to office. A small girl was begging for alms and there were people who responded to that.

Well, I am not complaining those who are "kind" hearts. But I just wanted to raise an awareness to those "kind" hearts that they are making no difference to them but to encourage more begging.

It is well known that if you feed a person, the next day you may need to feed him once more. But if you teach him some skills which helps him/her in leading an independent life that makes a difference.

Show up your kind heart more openly and change their lives forever.


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