Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ritu/Seasons in Indian Calendar System

We learned that there are four seasons viz., Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. But hardly anyone would have recognized that is not what we have in India. The four season is what is experienced in Britain, not in India.

Indians use Ritu word for season. And there are 6 Ritus in a year.
Sishira  - Mid Dec. to Mid Feb. (Winter)
Vasantha - Mid Feb. to Mid April (Spring)
Grishma  - Mid April to Mid June (Summer)
Varsha   - Mid June to Mid Aug (Monsoon)
Sarath   - Mid Aug to Mid Oct (Early Autumn)
Hemantha - Mid Oct to Mid Dec (Late Autumn/Fall)

Let us start using these names so that our children are familiar with it unlike some of us. This practice of teaching small things which we used to know rather than digesting what Westerners spat out will help us regain our identity and move away from our inferiority complex.


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