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Panchanga or Indian Calendar System

Indian Calendar System (Panchanga)

Age-old Indian calendar system can tell what day it is today just by looking at the sky. (Of course if its not overcast). Lets see how one can understand what day it is today:

One should know basics of Tithi, Nakshatra, lunar month can tell what day it is today.

The full moon indicates Pournima, half moon Astami, quarter moon indicates Chaturthi and so on. The star seen near the moon indicates the day's Nakshatra. The star which rises in the east while sun sets indicates the name of lunar month. A star near the full moon also gives the name of lunar month.

For ex:- If the full moon is near Chitra Nakshatra, its Chaitra Month.

If he looks at the rising Sun he can recognise whether it is Uttarayana/Dakshinayana. From the position of rising Sun on horizon one can recognize the Ritu (season) also. Thus Indian Calendar System is called Panchanga (five parts)

1. Tithi (Lunar day)
2. Nakshatra (Star)
3. Masa (Months)
4. Ritu (Seasons)
5. Ayana (Uttarayana/Dakshinayana)

Thus Indian Calendar System or Panchanga is really eternal and does not follow any person/figure for dating.

Dr.P.V.Vartak MBBS
(Veda Vidnyana Mandala)
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Publisher of Books such as:
a. The Scientific Dating of the Mahabharata War
b. The Scientific Dating of the Ramayana and the Vedas etc

The above are excerpts taken from the book "The Scientific Dating of the Ramayana and the Vedas"

This article is part of Book review of the same, mentioned above.


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