Saturday, July 26, 2014

Till trouble comes ACT is good

I have been using ACT Broadband for quite a long time now. I have in fact paid for their annual subscription package.

Till recently everything worked fine. Internet access speed is fast, I referred two of my friends to ACT.

Now let me start out my trouble box. It all started a year back. My laptop did not work all of a sudden. I took to service shop and they told me the motherboard was shorted. I could not find a reason for that then.

A week later, it came to my notice that water is coming through ACT cable. I really got suspicious, by this time I have switched to a router for wifi access. (My laptop was dead for quite a long time).

Whenever there is rain, water is coming through (inside of) cable. This is where I was enlightened that the water took my laptop away. With a series of phone calls to ACT and emails, they said they would reimburse me the repair costs of laptop. I repaired it, but after that ACT kept quite. I forgot that story.

The incident of water coming through the cable continued and is still continuing as of today. I have shot a video for proof. Mute the audio if you don't like it.

Help me fight against their bad customer service. Whenever I refer somebody I get a call immediately from their customer service. But when there is a problem, I had to wait for 10-15 minutes in a call to tell the problem. And the worst part, it never gets addressed.

If you are using Airtel internet, stick to it. Their customer service is the greatest on Bangalore.


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