Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Its a new record

25th June, I will be completing another milestone in my current organization. Now named Ellucian, I joined them when they were called Sungard. The journey has been definitely a long one.

To sum up the experiences in one word, its just great. I am not interested in recapping the old 7 years, but would want to spread my wings more towards the future. Don't know how long though.

This organization has been a different in terms of other IT organizations which I have worked so far. There is lot of personal space, lot of weekends (which does not require you to work), lot of friendly colleagues, handful of them friends, an understanding boss, what more do you want.

I am starting to dream big, which should help me in an alternate career. I said it, enough about the IT business. But what do I know other than this? A Big zero. This would be my next aim, to re-learn what I would like to become. If the exit from IT happens that would be because of health hazards and nothing other than that.

Let this day be a good start towards the goal. Listening for any other ideas from whoever listening to me. Comment out please.


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