Monday, October 14, 2013

SOLVED - Unsubscribe from BSNL Voice Chat

It was really a pain in the wrong place, with BSNL for nearly 2 weeks now. I got a message stating that I have been subscribed to Voice Chat service for a week and Rs. 10 was deducted. In the message there was an option to unsubscribe, which did not work at all.

I googled a lot, and it seems that BSNL has even tricked Google. There is no mention of the customer service number of BSNL, let alone to get information about unsubscribing from Voice Chat.

One week left, and I had forgotten this thing, but BSNL promptly reminded me by deducting another Rs. 10 the second time. Now I wanted somehow to unsubscribe from this nonsense.

Finally I got from some friend this number 1503 which is BSNL's toll-free customer service. After spending some time getting to know their IVRS and messages, there was an option to talk to a real-person. [relief]

From the customer care gentleman, I got the information of whom to contact. He gave me another toll-free number 155223. (Value Added Service/VAS Helpline)

The magic number seems to be 155233.

I finally registered a do not disturb and an unsubscribe from this service after talking to the customer care person. Now waiting for this to get deactivated. The customer care person mentioned a maximum of 24 hours to get a confirmation message on unsubscription.

The private providers out there, this is how you make money. Are you listening?

But seriously why does the BSNL service sucks always? Aren't they employed because of our tax money? When will we change?

LATEST UPDATE: I had called the VAS customer care on 14th Oct 2013, the service deactivation message came to me at last on 16th Oct 2013. HAPPY AT LAST, BSNL.


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