Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are you frustrated of selling a product which does not fit the market?

India is a young country in terms of home grown business is concerned. For the rest of our requirements we import. But most of the products which are sold outside of our country are not directly sellable in our country. The trick is handled by marketing.

But is this a right approach?

I definitely think otherwise. But the markets react opposite to what I think. Why is this different from our logical thinking?

Indians do a lot of research before buying a product. I know my parents get to know the quality and price of every product they buy. Even if they are buying rice, they used to go about the entire market area before buying. This is not just the case with my parents. It is evident from the fact that all Indian markets offer same products in same place. For example in Bangalore if you want to buy electronics you can simply walk to S.P.road market place. All the shops deal similar products. Why is this proximity? Our business persons understand our buying habits.

If the foreign business houses are not able to penetrate our markets it is because they lack our fabric.

How do we live in an organization which sells such products then? You must front-end to understand the harmonious relationship between our people whom we know better and find a suitable place to bridge the gap.

I am inspired today with a small video of Devdutt Patnaik at TED. It made me think that even I can make the difference. Dedicating this post to thousands like me.


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