Thursday, May 13, 2010

BPO in Hyderabad Jail

First the content from Times of India:

HYDERABAD: Now, BPOs are going behind bars, literally. In a unique experiment, Hyderabad's Cherlapally Central Jail is all set to become the only prison in the country to have a BPO unit in its premises.

C N Gopinatha Reddy, director general of prisons, Andhra Pradesh told TOI that as many as 200-250 inmates could be engaged in the BPO unit and they will be shortlisted from inmates that are matriculates and graduates. Officials explained that those shortlisted would first be trained by experts and later absorbed by the BPO company.

"The idea is to ensure that on being released, the prisoners find it easy to get absorbed in the mainstream. Prisoners often find getting suitable employment post release a tough task. So, this is an attempt to ensure that their employers know them well in advance," said Reddy.

For the full text of the news click here.

This is a surprise move on the part of authorities and I welcome the message. Normally people raise their eye-brows on knowing if a person is returned from prison. The society normally ignores and avoids such people. They mostly remain jobless and are forced to do illegal and pirated activities. If this project were a success it gives a big boost for the society only.

Then comes the legitimacy of people behind bars doing such work. Well my take is that they are the ones who are convicted for misbehavious/deeds. What about the hundreds who are serving in public who have access to such jobs and doing miscreant works? Whom do we believe upon?

Lets wait and watch how this project goes about.


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