Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bangaloreans Welfare Association

Bangaloreans Welfare Association, my dream project hit me as a bullet when commuting to work. I termed it an office goers association which aimed at improving the quality of life the office goers faced. I myself being part of such an experience, called for a more mature and united people's action organizatoin. The problems like improper transportation facilities, rude behaviour of people on-road, traffic hurdles were my initial thought. My intend was to bring people together, educate what they might be doing wrong, and to create a little maturity on roads.

Later on this idea inside me matured enough to address all problems faced by Bangaloreans. The purview of the association should focus to more and major issues. Volunteers are just about more than an asset; especially for this association. As of this writing, I have none of the active volunteers; its just my story. Even I switch off from this association for some days, which I treat as FINDING A VOLUNTEER is lost.

I do have some points where this "unity" can be put to best use. But before building this volunteer-bank, I have to do more ground work in terms of results, and statistics ready. Statistics such as "Ground water availability in the city", "Infrastructure menace in the city", "Access to public, information much needed" etc and more. I am still to finalize the list of to-do's the problem being unable to find a partner. I work more elegantly in partnerships rather than solely.

Once this research and ground work is on-way, I will be able to attract volunteers, and educating them to bring on-board more volunteers. I believe sitting behind a computer the above said tasks can be achieved. But there on its a daunting task ahead.

But I believe stone-stepping, that too one at a time will achieve the unachievable.

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