Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Notes for How to control anger - A practical guide

Notebook for
How to Control Anger: A Practical Guide
Dunst, Alex

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If you hope to overcome anger , you must first understand what it is .
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Anger is essentially a reactive response to a psychological feeling of being threatened .
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More often than not , it is triggered by the psychological fear of losing control , of losing something valuable , etc .
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it results in increased blood pressure , heart rate , and adrenaline / noradrenaline levels , and if we let it , it can overtake our logic , making us capable of saying and doing foolish things .
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It destroys those around you , it destroys your relationship with them , and it will ultimately destroy you , too .
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In the moment when you sense yourself getting angry , if you're able to , try to focus on something positive .
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Try to remain silent .
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Before you say or do something that you regret , take a deep breath , take a step back , and wait until you're back in control .
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If anger is a mostly useless emotion , holding a grudge is even more useless , and it's often even more destructive .


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