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Notes from Homeschooling for Beginners by Aidin Safavi

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Homeschooling: for Beginners - Homeschooling 101 - What You Need to Know about Homeschooling for Kids (Homeschooling 101 - Homeschooling books - Homeschooling day by day)
Safavi, Aidin

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When it comes to teaching a child about all he needs to know in life , there is no better person than the child’s parent . You know your child better than anyone : the pace of his learning , his interests , how he learns best and so on .
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He will receive full attention , academically , which makes difficult subjects quicker to tackle
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The number one thing a child seeks from his parents is time spent together . Personally teaching your child at home will make him feel loved and secured , therefore improving your relationship .
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parents debate more on whether or not they have the time to teach their children .
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You can’t deny that homeschooling your child will minimize his exposure to other kids and certain situations .
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At school , the advantage is that your child will be exposed to social occasions . He can make friends and maybe some enemies , but he will grow to adapt to different types of people .
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In homeschooling , your child won’t have as many friends as he would at school . This is because he won’t be leaving the neighborhood a lot , so he won’t meet new people soon .
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The amount of good values that students learn in school depends on how good of a role model their teachers are . The same happens at home . Whatever values you hold , habits , and even temperament , your child will surely learn it from you .
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There’s a difference between starting to home school your kid while young and taking him out of school . For one thing , if your child has already gone to school , he will certainly miss his friends and feel left out .
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“ Why am I homeschooling and they aren’t ? ” Make your answer as clear and as true as possible .
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Age - Appropriate Learning Materials
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If you’re going to start homeschooling your child at a young age , manipulative toys and puzzles are ideal tools to have .
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People confuse schedule and routine as the same , but they are fundamentally different . When you assign specific activities for specific times of the day or week , it is called scheduling .
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It is a list of plans or tasks that you feel the need to accomplish . On the other hand , activities that you do regularly ( daily or weekly basis ) in a normal order constitute what is called a routine .
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The reason why making a routine out of homeschooling is better is because your child learns to make a habit out of it .
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Understanding Your Philosophy or Reason Behind Homeschooling
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nobody can tell you exactly how to do it and what the right way is .
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Don’t force or set a schedule for everything your child is learning . Savor every subject or challenge that he comes by and take the time to help him through it until he completely understands . Let your child take the lead on when to introduce a new module .
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Make a research first on which books are best to use and when .
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When it comes to teaching , you shouldn’t push yourself to teach more than what you know .
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others . You are , after all , a parent first and a teacher second .
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To prevent your child from being lonely , let him join workshops or study groups occasionally .


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