Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Schools, of what use

Schools are considered to be the only places where you can get knowledge nowadays. It's well known that the schools in India follow the British education system. Our founding fathers who were awed by the British education system forced it upon us.

The education system primarily focuses on the writing system of learning. This is an extension to the western thinking of prominence to writing than to understanding. Due to this, the evaluation system is focused only on writing and not oral explanations. So here is the first flaw, everyone has to be writers who not necessarily understand and write, but memorize and reproduce what they have learnt.

The blind faith kept by Indians on the education system is being "utilized" for aligning our thoughts towards cementing west superiority. This is the next flaw and mind you, it was not an undesirable consequence. It was a forceful intention of our founding politicians. They wanted us to align our thoughts and actions to mimick the West, as they considered them superior than us. In the longer run, we have forgotten out actual history and culture.

This continues till today, where we are more inclined to impress the West on their turf rather than even attempting to learn our culture. In fact almost nobody studies our culture.

Lot of things have ceased to exist which were our own in following this rat race of imitating the West. We have become mere subscribers to the doctrine of West which tarnishes our culture, without our knowledge. The caste system for example which has proved to be the worst forms of racial cornering has been formulated by the British. The inability of early British in understanding our jati system resulted in cataloguing jati as castes in the census undertaken by British. We teach ourselves this history and we continue to tarnish our culture. This is the biggest of the flaws.

They then formulated the myth of superior brahmins (who were knowledge creators and a minority) and an inferior sudras (who were the worker and majority class). The result was that the worker group started to revolt their counterparts. The cornered group were then appeased by the British, by instilling a false sense of pride in western education. They then made them work for them in higher positions of government machinery therby turning them as their knowledge workers. To quote of an example, it is like polarising the managers from workers and then killing the fabric of an organisation. We continue to learn these and this is another flaw.

If the British really had an intention of helping the so called exploited worker class, they should have educated them and given them fair chance instead of "educating" the marginal class. This bloated British view is being carried over by the new western scholars who study Sanskrit and our schools of thought. There is no surprise that they continue to use the same theories as it gives them an upper hand in divide and rule. After all they want "markets" for their products right.

In this context we should start thinking about our education system which has not given us any real achievement for us to take pride of. I am not talking about the false pride created upon us by "English" education. This English education has helped brain drain off our culture. The brightest engineers, scientists, scholars are working for West. Though they are capable of individual contributions, they are made to work as assistants to their western counterparts because of their schooling in India.

Our education system has only helped in creating intellectual slaves for West. It has killed our innovativeness. It's high time we think an education system leveraging the existing institutional model. Join me in debating the good things we can start injecting into our institutions and slowly emerging with an "Indian class" rather than world class education system

We have to recover our image of being the best than the West.


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