Sunday, July 30, 2017

Book review - In the name of God

By Ravi Subramanian

A well thought book, but completed in hurry. A New genre I think, which making fiction out of news events. I think this is the best way to summarize the book.

While reading it till end of part 2 (of 3), it was nail biting. I couldn't keep the book down till that point. But after that the expectations suddenly collapsed and a less impressive climax followed.

The author has managed to piece together various news headlines and as a jigsaw puzzle he fitted it very well in this book. But the main plot where the story unwinds transforms into a mere sub-plot.

Linking events like Dubai mall heist, opening of temple vaults of Sree Padmanabhaswamy, Mumbai blasts, returning of Lord Nataraja by Australia to PM Modi, etc makes up sub plot of the fiction. The main plot is only revealed in climax, but still unclear.

Efforts to tarnish the image of padmanabhadasa doesn't go unnoticed. Not sure how much research was done to make this claim. I don't think any Malayali would buy this.

Rajan, who is incidental in arranging the opening of temple vaults (and the story) hides away to oblivion. The unparalleled unison in the enquiry team is nothing short of fantasy. Where else can a Tamil Nadu DIG, Additional director CBI, and Kerala DGP jointly enquire a case?

Now to say about the climax itself. Totally hollow and looks like the author wanted a forced thrilling end.  

In nutshell a good thriller for 2/3rd of the book and a lame climax. Worth reading once.


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