Monday, September 29, 2014

How to run Firefox OS in your Windows/Linux Machines

Firefox OS is an operating system designed for lower end smartphones. Mozilla, the organization behind this operating system has already bought out some phones in Indian market at considerably cheaper prices.

For those who are inching to see how it works, you don't need to buy anything. In fact the operating system can be run within any operating system where Mozilla Firefox browser can operate.

If you are running Firefox 33 or higher versions, its in fact an awesome experience using WebIDE. However I have Firefox version 31, so I will stick to this as of now and show how it looks like to run the OS.

Head over to Firefox OS Simulator page in Mozilla Developer Network, and read the instructions (if you want to), and follow the next steps in this guide.

Click the Install Simulator button in the website:

You will be navigating to a page which lists the available versions of the OS. At the time of this the latest stable version is Firefox OS 2.0. Click on this.

Firefox will ask whether to allow this action, click on Allow and let the Operating system download. 

Once you have clicked Allow, the Operating system would download and then install in your computer. Then Firefox will remain silent, the user experience with regard to this could have been streamlined by Mozilla.

To add to this, for some brief 2-3 seconds browser won't respond at all. Don't worry your Operating system is being installed.

However to access this simulator, click the Menu Tools > Web Developer > App Manager

The App Manager window (URL about:app-manager) will open which allows you to develop Applications for Firefox OS.

Click the Start Simulator button near the bottom left-hand side of the screen. You will get the list of Simulators installed in your machine. I have installed more than one Simulators, and therefore I got the list as below:

Click on the "Firefox OS 2.0" button and wait for a new popup window to open. There you have the new Firefox OS running in your computer.

As usual drag and drop from center to right to unlock the Operating system.

For those who are thinking what is the purpose of installing this operating system if you are not going to develop any applications, here is my sweet answer: You can run Whatsapp or any Web applications provided in Marketplace within this screen. It is lightning fast.  

Note: To get working with Whatsapp goto Marketplace and install the application ConnectA2. 

Enjoy using the new lightweight operating system on your desktop itself.


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