Friday, January 7, 2011

A Simple Electric Power Audit of Your Home

The basic idea of an electrical energy audit is to analyze the amount of electrical energy used by every device. An electrical home energy audit can help you understand your usage, conserve and even fix some leaks.

It helps in two ways, one in a personal way and another in a national way. First you mint money by reducing your electrical bill, and as a byproduct your nation requires less power to be produced.

The first step to cutting our electricity bill and usage is to get out the previous bills. Keep a little notebook for this purpose and record the "kilowatt hours used" figure and the "billing period" This could be called adjusted kWh Used.

To Save Electrical Energy

  • Plug off incandescent bulbs and replace them by either LED bulbs or CFL bulbs.
  • Use washing machine dryer less often and use natural ways of hanging your clothes after a wash. Use cold/normal water for washing machines as it uses less power.
  • Switch off your refrigerators if nothing is being kept in it.
  • Switch off your television, CD/DVD player not just in stand by mode. It uses power which you are paying for.
  • Do not keep plugged any unwanted devices all the time? Just remove them from plugs. Tools like mobile chargers, battery chargers remove it from plugs when not charging.
  • Do not overcharge your devices. Your mobiles/battery charging requires maximum of 2-3 hours. Do not keep them charged for the whole night.
  • Switch off computers and not in standby mode.


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